Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sharing the season

We think Roman must have been sick for the past couple weeks, because he's been in a great mood the last three days... which makes us realize just how grumpy he was. Our sweet child is back. Some whining, of course, no napping at preschool - but is playing well and is much more patient. Maybe a "switch" turned on, who knows.

As Christmas is just 20 days away, it's been great having Roman understand and enjoy the holiday. He "gets" Santa, but also gets that we're celebrating Jesus' birthday. He's in love with Frosty and Rudolph, as any good three-year-old should be. But most of all, he knows that no Christmas tree is complete without a train going around the base. And ours, according to Roman, is a Golden Train. If you can believe it, I bought it when I worked at K-B Toys back in the good ol' days (1993, I believe). Good employee discount. It's been out some years, packed away some years, but we knew that Roman would love it. Not only does he love it, he will play with it by himself for whole chunks of time - the other day, practically 20 minutes on his own! He likes that it is big and he can put his hands on the back and push. The train hasn't spent much time on the actual tracks, though. Currently it's in its "shed" which is under the footstool in the basement.

I also had a warm fuzzy feeling in the car the other day when I introduced one of Roger Whitaker's Christmas CDs to Roman. When I was growing up, we always listened to this particular album (and by that, I do mean album - the LP, on the record player) along with Pavarotti (Ave Maria, how beautiful) while decorating the tree. So for Roman to enjoy the songs, especially "Darcey the Dragon," is just so much fun for me too. It's times like that when I finally "get" the importance of family traditions.

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