Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Russian government strikes again

Received a letter from Frank Adoption Center in the mail upon our return from holiday travels:

"Roman's post placement report will be due in our office by March 18, 2007. Due to a November 2006 change in the Russian Ministry of Education's post-placement requirements, we have been alerted that post-placement report visits should not occur more than one month prior to your child's adoption anniversary date. Your documented date of adoption is March 25, 2004. Therefore, we are asking that your social worker not conduct her home visit prior to February 25, 2007......
Please remember that your post-placement report needs to be apostilled in your state... and must be accompanied by at least six different photographs of your child. Please choose your photographs carefully, as they will be viewed by the officials in your child's region. Do not submit photographs of your children taking a bath or in their bathing suits."

Oh, golly. Last year, Russia called FAC because they decided our post-placement report needed to be due before its actual due date (thank goodness I had been walking out the door to get it apostilled when they called!). So this year, it's a 2-1/2 week window to have the visit, get the report done, get it to Lansing to be apostilled, and sent to FAC in time. It's our last report, too. Doug shook his head, but I just reassured him - Russia says jump, and we ask how high! A small price to pay for our angel, who is currently napping in his room after a hard morning of playing with all his new toys.

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