Saturday, December 09, 2006

The break-up

While it is easy for Doug to let go, I cannot. I was falling in love with that house. I felt we had a future together. It was available and ready to start a relationship - it stood there with open rooms, waiting for memories to be made together. It had moved beyond its past affair with color and was ready to start anew... maybe with taupe? It practically asked for me to come into its life, improve its bathrooms, swap its electric stove for gas, and put a gas log in its fireplace. But it was not meant to be.

That house wanted a commitment. It wanted us immediately; in fact, was moving way too fast. December 31, it said. You have to be living with me, or else. We tried to reason with it. We tried to explain that we had to let our current house down gently... we couldn't just toss it into the marketplace, settle for less than its value. Our current house deserves more from us. And we couldn't play the field, start a relationship with a new house before breaking up with our current house. Our financial morals just wouldn't allow us.

So that's where it ended. There was no compromise to be reached. It did try to bargain with us - let's sit down, let's try to work out some mortgage payments - but in the end, the house told us it would take no contingencies. Against its policy. We felt bad, but we had to part with it. We're hoping we can remain friends... in fact, we'd like to rekindle a relationship with it someday - hopefully sooner. But I guess it will take time, and hope that no one else makes a move on that house.

They say that there are other houses in Plymouth, that we'll find a better one someday. It's hard to imagine, when you feel like the perfect one got away.

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Sheryl said...

Is this anything like the "Other fish in the sea" saying?