Sunday, November 26, 2006

Without a little boy around...

Oh, the things you can do. For example: Sleep in until 9:30am. Eat a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper. Go to the bathroom as long as you want. Take a shower... or not. Go to Home Depot and wander around, even though you're there to pick up a handful of moving boxes. Eat a hot dog for lunch at Home Depot - just because. Hold numerous conversations without interruption.

In the afternoon, it just gets better. If you're me, you can "declutter" the house. Clean out the hutch... its drawers & cabinets... four shelves in the living room... the burgundy room... and a couple shelves in the kitchen. Oh, and did I mention three whole closets?! Pack some items away to see if you'll miss them. Move some items so they're not in the way anymore. Rearrange your child's bedroom (because he never lets me when he's here). And move 6 boxes of "stuff," plus a small chair & a large wastebasket, to the door to be taken to the storage unit tomorrow. Oh, and go through all your child's books and donate to the Vets, who are scheduled to come on Tuesday morning to gather the rest of the "stuff."

If you're Doug, you'll do the following: consider raking leaves, then realize you've already been to Home Depot and didn't get yard waste bags because you thought you had some. So the only other thing to do on a long afternoon is to finally finish putting the paneling up in the basement. You box in the corner by the washer... put up part of the stairway pieces... and cut the last of the stairway pieces. Also, put the half-wall "cap" on your wife's side of the desk area. Decide to quit when it's too dark in the basement to cut the power and finish the stairway piece.

Of course, we miss the boy. But it sure feels good to have all this organization done!

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