Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Romanisms; I step WAY out of my comfort zone

Driving in the car:
Roman, what are you thinking about?
"Going to the Island of Sodor. We will take a Thomas plane there."
Honey, I don't know how to get to the Island of Sodor.
"I know how to get to the Island of Sodor. (long pause) It's past Disney World... over the market... and then you're there!"

"Thanksgiving is when the Indians stole corn."
Stole? Do you mean the Indians grow corn?
"Umm... yeah. And the Pilgrims had a big dinner and ate with the Indians. That's why we have a family dinner."

Roman is just so smart - and so funny! He's got an incredible play imagination now. Tonight we played "Red Bell" (where we traded the roles of Roman, Miss Marcie, and Mama), and we also played "take a bath" where Roman gave me a bath. Of course when it came to the real bath, Roman cried the whole time. I think just because he's exhausted.

Speaking of exhausted... Scooter Club at church has been suspended until further notice. Our church is having a hard time recruiting young families, although I know that's the problem all over. My city itself is having a hard time attracting families with young children - the empty nesters just don't want to leave! There were only 3 kids in the age group of 3-5 coming to Scooter; one dropped out, and the other keeps coming up with excuses (vacation, conferences, sick...). So Wendy and I decided to suspend until the spring, and maybe we'll have a little more interest.

Within the same conversation, however, I filled a vacancy, becoming the sixth member of the Board of Christian Education. Yup, you read that right. Parents and in-laws, are you grinning with glee? Who'd've thunk that it would be Amy that volunteers to join - above all things - a church group?! Good gracious. Well, that tells you the extent of my growing attachment to our church. I thought to myself a few weeks ago, when it was mentioned that nominations were up for boards, that the Board of Ed. would probably be the one group I'd be willing to join. Doug went to the annual meeting last Sunday while I was scrapping and jokingly told me that there was one seat left on the Board. And I thought... well... maybe my prior thought wasn't put in my head for nothing. My "term" doesn't start until January but I think it's a 2-year term. Hmm.

So there's interesting information to chew on. And I'm not having anxiety about my decision, so that's a good thing too.

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pmfh said...

Well, rock on. *grin*

And hey, at least you actually *know* something about education! Huzzah!