Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A blessed day off

Today is considered "comp time" for the 6-1/2 hours of conferences teachers held, so I get the day off. A good thing, too, because my throat is really sore. Can't decide if it's drainage, or dry weather, or something else. I just got off antibiotics less than a week ago, so this should be fun. I am trying "Airborne" which everyone at work swears by. Take it when you begin to have symptoms and it's either going to prevent your illness from getting worse, or cut your sick time in half. We'll see how it goes.

Another blessing about having today off is that I can do shopping. I have a list of 5 places to go today to shop for Christmas - mainly Roman, but a couple other people can be "knocked off" the list too. I do enjoy shopping, and it's pretty exciting to have the money to do it. School district paid early this week!

Roman is at preschool today. He is on, what we call in our middle school, a "504 plan." This is typically a behavior intervention plan to get a kid back on the right track. Yes, our Roman. Adorable, kind, and funny Roman has become a hellion. Yesterday, by far his worst day yet, he (I quote from the report) "couldn't keep his hands off his friends" "would not follow directions from his teachers" and best of all, the verbal report I got saying that during quiet time, he refused to stay on his cot and at one point, pulled chairs off the table and flipped them over. YES! I know, it's funny to picture, but it's my kid!

His teacher apparently feels very badly about this, and Doug and I are encouraging her to buckle down. Send him to "the office," separate him from the room, either is fine. She apparently wants to use that as a last resort, but meanwhile Roman's becoming a jerk. Perhaps a few days off will help. As for the 504 plan, kids earn stickers on their chart by doing well each day; at the end of a week or so, they can pick a treasure from the box if they filled their chart. I don't think Roman has earned a sticker yet. So now he's on a "5 stickers a day" program, where he can earn a sticker for different portions of the morning. If he fills his 5 portions with stickers for 2 days, he can pick a treasure. He earned 3 stickers on Monday, and only 2 yesterday. Yes, it's that bad.

Not sure what to do from this side of things, except encourage them to crack down on him since nothing has worked yet. Hope he has a good day today!

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