Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Winding up before letting loose

It's been a busy, hectic last few weeks. Again, we've planned it that way, what with a football game last weekend at WMU and all kinds of stuff in between. I'm flying out on Thursday night to go to Washington, D.C. for the weekend. That means everything has to be done on Wednesday, which is hard for me to fathom. I have a paper due in my grad class next Thursday, so I've written the rough draft and put 4 "references to the literature" in it, as requested. I leave straight for the airport after conferences, which isn't fun either. But, I have a good roommate and fresh batteries for the camera, so it should be good. Oh yeah, and prepping the sub plans.

Doug is going to have fun this weekend too, actually. He and Paul are going to a U-M game, which Doug hasn't attended since we got the boy 2 years ago. My parents are coming over to babysit Roman, and then staying a couple extra days to save us from drowning in house chores. Namely, my Dad has a new power washer and wants to play with it on our little deck. And if it's power-washed, we might as well go ahead and stain & seal it. And while Dad's here, if he wouldn't mind...
and my Mom loves going to Trader Joe's and IKEA, and is a great entertainer of Roman. So it will be a good visit.

We put Halloween decorations up in the house yesterday evening. Roman was concerned about there being "weird things" in the box, but was overall pleased with my stash. His favorite is a grinning cardboard skeleton with jointed legs and arms which he can position in all sorts of funny poses. He is thrilled he's going to be a pirate - and Mama is too! He keeps asking if it's "trick or treat time" yet.

Roman is doing better with accidents at Red Bell. Doug and I decided to switch tactics and act like the accidents were no big thing and reassured him he could have them. That has totally changed the mindset on this little boy of ours, and he's gone 2 days without an accident. We were starting to have multiple accidents a day last week. See, it's all about control with that one.

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