Monday, October 30, 2006

Sleeping with Dora

Since Saturday, Roman can now get the full experience of sleeping in his Dora sheets. Behold: the big, BIG boy bed!

He has been very cozy in his new bed and all his sheets fit, too. We do have a frame with head & footboards but thought if he falls, better fall from this height first.

In true Roman fashion, he changed his mind about his Halloween costume today. He has been okay with being a pirate Captain Feathersword for months. But at preschool today a firefighter came to talk with the kids, and now Roman wants to be a fireman. I told him all the costumes everywhere were sold out and he just had to be a pirate one more year. He's sad about it, but has agreed. The good news is he gets to wear his costume to school tomorrow for their morning party.

Roman also did not want to carve pumpkins tonight. Well, he wanted to carve them - he just wanted nothing to do with cleaning it out. So I suggested that we draw on our pumpkins instead and make faces on them. He thought that was a great idea - "they can be silly or scary!" But he settled on a cat face when he saw that's what I was drawing. And here's a shot of the artist hard at work, and then a blurry one of him posing with his creation.

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