Thursday, October 26, 2006

Almost Halloween...

Settling back into normal, whatever normal is. Decided to skip Scooter Club yesterday as Roman has just been exhausted from playing with my parents, and playing with his friend Max, and playing at Red Bell… playing is a full time job, you know!

Speaking of my parents, they came for the weekend and were a Godsend. They babysat Roman, did the grocery shopping, planned the meals, helped with laundry, and general small maintenance around the house. We’re practically caught up now!

My grad class is almost finished – just one paper left to write. I gathered all the info I needed today, school improvement plan, demographics, MEAP subscores, etc. Blech. Checked the university’s registration to doublecheck if the class was available for next semester that I need – and it turns out it is! So I’m signed up for “Curriculum Leadership” on Thursday nights from 7-10pm. The last class is on or near my birthday. I only conflict with swimming on 2 nights in March – I thought that was pretty good.

Posted all my pictures from the DC trip. I was struggling with Yahoo! Photos, but they fixed whatever I was struggling with so uploading was much faster. So go here if you want to see all the fun that was had.

Tomorrow night is one of my favorite nights of the school year - the Halloween dance! No costumes allowed at school, but they are allowed at the dance. The creativity of some of the kids is great. We teachers also have heard that Paige T. is having a party at her house, we are debating crashing it to give them a hard time. It's parent-supervised so no big deal, but we think it would be funny. I'm going as a pirate this year, of course. Got my black pants & shirt, my velvety tunic, black belt and hat, knee-high black boots, and even a parrot for my shoulder.

When I lived in K-zoo with Sheryl in the duplex, our next-door neighbor said about Halloween that it's the night when people dress up as who they want to be. Now that I've settled on my 3-costume rotation, I have to agree. A pirate, Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter, and a Native American - I just wonder if I had to choose, which one I'd be for real?

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